goodbye SPSS Schweiz – welcome dynelytics

Publié le 25.5.2011

Today, we’d like to say goodbye officially to the company name, SPSS (Schweiz) AG, that has accompanied our business activity for almost 15 years to the day. The company is now called Dynelytics AG. All business relations and contracts are being continued seamlessly because, aside from the name, nothing has changed – either for you or for us.

The name change takes place in the course of IBM taking over the global company, SPSS Inc.

On the one hand, it hurts a bit to drop the company name; on the other hand, the new name, Dynelytics, also documents the fact that our company is constantly developing. In the course of the years, we have been changing more and more from a pure SPSS software distributor to a consulting services company. Today, as Dynelytics, we stand for integrated solutions in the area of predictive analytics, data mining and data collection.

The 15 years as SPSS Switzerland have been fun and very successful, among other things because of the awesome SPSS fan community. And things will keep on in this vein! We continue to be the same stable, long term team and are what’s more, THE specialists in SPSS software. We are the exclusive partner of IBM Switzerland for the entire IBM SPSS software range. You will continue to get product consulting and support in an uncomplicated and personal way with us in the future – without “call centre vibes”.

Rest assured: We are what’s more, completely convinced by SPSS products and will also gladly promote the SPSS com­munity with commitment!

If you would like to stay up to date, follow us on Twitter @dynelytics, where we will endeavour to tweet only genuine infor­mation for you, or visit us on You’ll find all the important information there too.

We look forward to continuing close collaboration with you.

Gisela Boddenberg & Josef Schmid and the whole Dynelytics team